Beat (world)

Low murmurs of talk
The children are taught
languages of
lost tradition
Years passed in torches
acts of contrition
Wars of borders
sheltered revolution
Just to come back to a
A simple human being
An extraordinary
that forgot nature
Embracing anything
A past
a present
a future
The mass
of devastating
A lost
running down tins of
thirty five cent beers
and hardened tears

We learn
We yearn
This life we earned
that runs down long city streets,
eats your body and soul,
smells of urine in cold alleys
Or reaches for an embrace
that chases the sunset

We’re coins set spinning
Lights dimming
Concrete steeples beaming,
with the electricity of
a new beginning,
beat in a system,


Chasing digital screens of listed,
human beings
That are faceless in glass
Protected tubes
We can be anything we want
A women,
A man,
A robot,
A can

Uncle fucking Sam,
with a taxing,
shaking hand,
or a midget dictator,
sitting on a throne,
A father or mother,
A son a daughter,
A priest or a nun,
The sexy lace undone

Anything is everything
A generation of nothing
Looking into empty eyes
Because pain is,
a world insane

Running from the cops,
throwing rocks of change
The system remains,
while a world is chained,
and the poets are,
the wings of,
our escape


From China, India,
and Texas
From Israel and Lebanon,

we've seen it

The peace we have
In a tube,
behind a glass,
tossed in a mood,
without a,
look over there,
over your shoulder,
the weapons of truth

We’re all beat,
in an allegiance
of cheat

In God we trust?


On a dollar bill,
a rusted thrill
Hidden under the panties
of  a stripping slave

who will it save…

CAL dd 13/01/2014


  1. to many years wasted on cheap beer and watering earth with tears... and years wasted cheating death for the big payday of others. in their god i don't trust. peace love charity

  2. Glad you have survived my friend.. We now have benefited from the fruits.